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Global Risks Report 2018 | WEF

The WEF met at Davos this year and the Global Risks Report 2018 was published. Seven out of eight risks in the top right quadrant are climate change related (see below)! Is it time to start addressing these risks in our business continuity plans? The full report can be found here.


Patricia Scheltus2018, February
BCI Horizon Scan Report 2018

Every year, the BCI in association with BSI, produces the Horizon Scan Report to track near-term threats to organisations across industry sectors globally. The study measures concerns over specific threats as reported by business continuity and resilience professionals.

The report also considers disruption caused by these threats, offering a basis of comparison between the level of perceived concern and actual incidents. You can download the report here

Importance of Business Continuity Planning | Continuity Central

COMSAT, the US-based satellite connectivity provider, demonstrated the power of business continuity planning after a company facility was threatened by the recent wildfires in California.


The Thomas Fire, reported to be the largest in California state history, presented a very real threat to the day-to-day operations of the Santa Paula multi-purpose teleport facility. Owing to the preparedness of COMSAT and its local team, an efficient, well-planned contingency strategy ensured that the teleport continued serving its global network without interruption, despite the proximity of intense flames. More