How resilient are your office facilities?

Please find below a number of questions to help you determine whether you can increase the resilience of your office facilities. The questions are designed to prompt you to consider the impact of a “No” versus a “Yes” answer. They are listed in order of criticality.




Does your office house critical IT infrastructure? It is good practice to house IT infrastructure away from your office location, so that if you do suffer an incident at your office, you will still have access to your IT infrastructure from another location.
Are all your staff housed in the one building in each city? By locating all your staff in one building is desirable from a productivity and cost perspective, but means you have no “other” office to relocate your staff to in the event of an incident.
Do you have staff that provide unique services located in one office? Concentrating specialist staff in one office exposes you to the risk that your firm will be unable to provide the services if your staff in that building are impacted by an incident – eg influenza.
Do you have a business continuity plan that has been exercised in the last 12 months? It is essential to regularly exercise a plan. Without exercising, you do not know how effective your plan is, or whether your staff can manage a recovery.
Do you have workplace recovery facilities? Relying on “pot luck” and hoping that a hotel will be available is very risky. See “Topic Workplace Recovery” for a full explanation of why it’s prudent to secure workplace recovery offices.
Do you have arrangements to enable staff to work productively from home? Even if you secure workplace recovery facilities, it is likely most of your staff will be asked to work from home. Are they able to access your critical applications and data from their (own personal) computers? You need to assume that their work computers were destroyed in the office.


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