Define your requirements

In order to decide on the number of seats to reserve, you will need to identify which staff will require seating at the workplace recovery facility. The make up of this group will vary by type and size of business, however most businesses will require a minimum of 10 people to manage the recovery from a disaster. Be mindful that the requirement might change over time.

Immediately following a disaster, all other staff will be asked to work from home or another location such as a customer site. Technology needs to be considered for these staff.

The following sections will help you identify the role and number of staff needed at the workplace recovery facility.

Identify your critical staff numbers

Please see table below a list of typical management roles that would oversee the activities during the period immediately following a disaster declaration. 

Please note that the table below does not include non-management roles like customer care/call centre, help desk, sales staff, operations staff, logistics, etc. If these roles are critical to your business, you should add them to your list.

Please consider these roles in the context of your recovery requirements and for your recovery plans. Remember to nominate a primary person and an alternate person for each role.

Once you have decided on the roles that need to be catered for and their number, consider what type of accommodation you require. The section below the table will help you with this.



Incident Manager Overall management of staff after the disaster
Communications Management of communications to customers, the media and other stakeholders. Because of its sensitivity, the CEO often fulfils this role.
Business Unit Managers responsible for the most critical parts of the business Ensuring that the critical business processes are maintained to minimise the impact on customers and your cash flow.

Typically entails additional support people to carry out the work – eg sales, transport, manufacturing, call centre etc
Information Technology Ensure that staff have access to computing facilities, services and access to the data needed to continue to operate.
Finance Key finance staff – eg Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, etc
Human Resources HR staff to ensure the OH&S aspects of staff are addressed during the recovery period.
Security Staff to ensure that security is maintained to protect company’s assets during recovery period.
Project Managers To find suitable accommodation for the medium to long term – if your offices are completely destroyed.

Identify the accommodation you require

Once you have identified how many seats to reserve, you will need to decide the number of rooms you require, as well as any special room or IT requirements.

Continuity Matters provides the following types of office accommodation:

  • Office space of various capacities and equipment

  • Small meeting rooms

  • Large meeting rooms

Please consider that it will be important for your management to have access to meeting rooms in order to conduct confidential meetings.


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