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Security Incident Response | AWS White Paper

 AWS has published a guide to assist their clients understand the basic concepts of security incident response within their AWS environment. It presents an overview of the fundamentals of responding to security incidents within a customer’s AWS cloud environment, including an overview of cloud security and incident response concepts, identifies cloud capabilities, services, and mechanisms that are available to customers for responding to security issues.  

You can download the white paper here, or click on the link below to view all AWS white papers.

EU Financial Regulators Report about future risks | European Supervisory Authorities

The latest report on risks and vulnerabilities by the Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) shows that the securities, banking and insurance sectors in the European Union (EU) face multiple risks. And, although this report is focussed on the EU, a number of risks and vulnerabilities also apply to the Australian market. 

The latest ESA report outlines the following risks as potential sources of instability:

  • Uncertainties around the terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU; 
  • Cyber attacks; and
  • Sudden repricing of risk premia as witnessed by the recent spike in volatility and associated market corrections.

The ESA report also raises awareness for risks related to climate change and the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

Some of the key points from the report are:

Brexit: the ESAs recommend that EU financial institutions and their counterparties, as well as investors and retail consumers, consider timely mitigation actions to prepare for the UK's withdrawal from the EU – including possible relocations and actions to address contract continuity risks;

Cyber security: the ESAs encourage financial institutions to improve fragile IT systems, and explore inherent risks to information security, connectivity and outsourcing. To support this, the ESAs will continue addressing cyber risks for securities, banking and insurance markets and monitor firms' use of cloud computing and potential build-up of cyber risks; and 

Climate change: the ESAs recommend that financial institutions consider sustainability risk in their governance and risk management frameworks; should develop responsible, sustainable financial products; and supervisors should enhance their analysis of potential risks related to climate change for the financial sector and financial stability.

Download the report

Social media's role in crisis communications | Continuity Central

Following recent negative headlines for social media, and Facebook in particular, Databarracks’ Peter Groucutt is warning organizations not to call time on their accounts. Social media is not just for promotion; during a crisis it is often your most effective communications medium.

“The best examples of crisis management comms on social media show that proactive engagement can generate goodwill and garner more patience from the public to rectify a situation. There are some simple steps an organization can take to prepare for social media communications during an incident. Read more

This Flying Robot Can Land on a Leaf

Researchers have just unveiled a new robotic “insect” that can not only fly, but perch on a variety of surfaces, including ceilings. Using switchable electrostatic adhesion, the bio-inspired device can land on everything from glass to wood to a leaf while searching for hazardous chemicals, which is its purpose if not what’s most notable about it.

The ROI of building resilience into business as usual

BCI, Jim Preen | May 18

Why do businesses avoid crucial planning? The reasons aren’t hard to find. Apart from total disaster junkies no one particularly likes to think about crises and for most SMEs just surviving is a daily struggle. Keeping all the plates spinning in the air requires 100% attention, who is going to slice out even 1% just to consider a bunch of scary ‘what if’ scenarios?