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Climate Change - Awareness to Action | APRA
The survey found that a majority of regulated entities were taking steps to increase their understanding of the risk, including all authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs), general insurers and RSE licensees surveyed. One third of regulated entities viewed climate risks as material. A wide range of strategic opportunities has been identified. Climate risks are being integrated into risk management frameworks, and more sophisticated financial analysis of scenarios is gaining traction across a range of entities.
Information Security News | Trusted Impact

Trusted Impact is a leading security consultancy focused entirely on helping clients achieve their business objectives in the field of information security.

Their latest newsletter covers topics such as GDPR, City of Atlanta's ransomeware attack, Yahoo's million dollar fine and the Pageup data breach. Click here to download the newsletter, or here to view past newsletters and to subscribe.  

Organizational risks that you should definitely be acting on | Continuity Central

It is easy for organizations to feel overwhelmed by the number and scale of the risks that are faced; but often the perception of the potential harm engendered by various risks is exaggerated. In this article Chris Butler lists the real risks that every organization needs to consider.

Did you know the world’s most dangerous animal is not a shark, or a bear, but is in fact a mosquito? What’s certain is that human perception of risk is notoriously flawed; often, the events that concern and outrage us the most are the least likely to happen. 

From political and economic tremors to cyber threats, 2017 represents another minefield of risks for businesses. For organizations, forging a deepened understanding of both threats and risk factors is crucial for remaining robust, resilient, and most of all, ahead of the competition. Part of this involves separating the myths from reality. So, what then are the real risks to business today?


2017 Cost of Data Breach Study | Ponemon Institute

Ponemon Institute has just released its 12th annual Cost of Data Breach Study. The report is sponsored by IBM and represents the industry’s gold-standard benchmark research.

Ponemon Institute researchers interviewed IT, compliance and information security practitioners representing 419 organizations across 12 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Brazil, Japan, Italy, India, the Middle East (including United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia), Canada and the ASEAN region (including Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia).

Survey: Most Midsize Businesses Have Continuity Plans But Few Have Tested Them

Business Wire | 29 July 2015

Most midsize businesses have business continuity plans but few have tested them, according to The Hartford’s survey of midsize business owners and C-level executives. This shortcoming presents potential risk for businesses, which may be unable to meet client needs due to an interruption in their operation or lose revenue due to a supplier issue.