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Business Continuity Risks Across Cloud Services | Continuity Central

Despite sensitive data being increasingly moved to the cloud, research carried out by Databarracks reveals that over 60 percent of organisations have not evaluated the business continuity risks for their cloud services over the past year.

From a survey of 400 IT professionals, only 40 percent of organisations have evaluated the business continuity risks for their cloud services in the past 12 months. 17 percent of businesses have no plans to address this over the next 12 months. Further to this, almost a quarter (23 percent) of organisations admit to not having backup or recovery capabilities in place, beyond the standard default options offered by their cloud provider.

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Recovering from a major Azure outage - options | Continuity Central
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Cloud failures - both major and minor - are inevitable. What is not inevitable is extended periods of downtime or unacceptable data loss caused by any resulting service outages.

Jonathan Meltzer examines four different options for ensuring application-level continuity through high availability and disaster recovery provisions in a hybrid or exclusively Azure cloud environment.

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