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Unprepared for data breach notification laws? Here's what you need to do if things go wrong | AFR

Experts are reporting that thousands of Australian businesses aren't ready to comply with the data breach mandatory notification law that kicked in from February 22. Research by cyber security specialists CyberArk concluded that as many as 44 per cent of enterprises aren't up to speed, and other security professionals are queuing up to echo the sentiment.

The new law is simple enough in principle. It's compliance in practice that will cause headaches.

If your organisation is covered by the Privacy Act, and you have other people's personal information in your care, and it ends up somewhere or with someone it shouldn't, there's a clock ticking.

How to Pass a Cybersecurity Audit in 10 Steps

Big Law Business | 17 September

With data breaches becoming an unfortunate everyday occurrence, cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue. Legal departments, which have a need to protect sensitive information, such as employees’ and clients’ personally identifiable information and nonpublic corporate information, are increasingly becoming involved in data security issues as the universe of risk exposure expands.