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Social media's role in crisis communications | Continuity Central

Following recent negative headlines for social media, and Facebook in particular, Databarracks’ Peter Groucutt is warning organizations not to call time on their accounts. Social media is not just for promotion; during a crisis it is often your most effective communications medium.

“The best examples of crisis management comms on social media show that proactive engagement can generate goodwill and garner more patience from the public to rectify a situation. There are some simple steps an organization can take to prepare for social media communications during an incident. Read more

5 rules for smarter cyber communications | CSO

With the Equifax data breach continuing to make headlines, we're seeing yet further proof that the way you communicate in the aftermath of an incident plays a significant role in determining its ultimate impact. Executives responsible for cybersecurity need to understand how a good cyber communications function works, and they need to make it a regular part of any conversation related to information security or risk management.  Read more

Reducing friction with unified communications

Oracle Communications | December 2

Here's a great example of a Cloud-based application that will simplify your Business Continuity Planning.  There are of course, many other vendors that can offer this capability.  

Today, organizations require a collection of applications and devices to enable communication. At the same time, this disjointed array of communication methods can cause friction that inhibits business potential. In this webcast, learn about a unified communications platform that can enable improved collaboration capabilities.