Business continuity plan exercising

A business continuity plan is of little value unless it is regularly exercised. We offer flexible business continuity exercising arrangements and services to meet your needs.

The best way to verify the validity of your plan and to keep it up-to-date is to exercise it at least annually. This will also ensure that your recovery staff are familiar with the BCP and are aware of any changes that have occurred since the last exercise.

We can supply a range exercising solutions to meet your needs. As part of our workplace recovery service, we supply six seats in a room for one day (during business hours) per year - but can tailor this to suit your particular requirements.

The following additional consulting services can be provided to make your exercises more impactful:

  • Assistance in developing realistic exercise scenarios;

  • Facilitation or assistance during exercises;

  • Independent observers and reviews (SWOT) and independent assessments


Test your business continuity plan in the same offices you and your business would use in the event of a disaster.